Through Voldemort's Eyes: Final Battle

Through Voldemort's Eyes: Final Battle

2 chapters / 6119 words

Approximately 31 minutes to read


If you thought Voldemort's mind was disturbing before, just wait until you read this! *NEW CHAPTER* What happens when Voldemort is thrown into the world of A Very Potter Musical and meets his musical counterpart? Read and find out! I hope this is as much fun to read as it was to write! Thanks, and enjoy!


Writing, Comedy, Fantasy



about 4 years ago Ivana Elliot }i{ said:

dying XD

This is glorious


over 5 years ago Sophia Sky said:

This is the best thing ever. Omigod I'm dying hahahah


over 5 years ago KATARI said:

Combine Voldemort with a hyperactive teenage girl and this is what you get. Absolutely hilarious. I loved it!


over 5 years ago Sky Davis said:

oh my rowling i love it! xD



almost 6 years ago Josie Barstad said:

This was a funny story and I liked it (even if it was all over the place). I loved how it included The Very Potter Musical and the sequel. Go V-dog and Tubby! I also how he acted like a teenage girl the whole time. I also loved how his favorite song was "Toxic," so funny. Over all, a fun book to read.


about 6 years ago Emma Noar said:

Hahahaha, I really liked this. Besides a few spelling errors, this was perfect!