Remember Me

Remember Me

6 chapters / 1861 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


UNDERCOMPLETE REMODEL. you can still read this version untill i get back in a month or so. (sorry i haven't been writing. i've been extremely busy with school. Hopefully this will make up for it since it's summer now and i have time.)



over 4 years ago Elizabeth James said:

Wow, my name is Elizabeth James too! LOL what a coinqy-dink...

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over 5 years ago ♫♪fallen♪♫ said:

haha!I can't spell elizabeth


almost 6 years ago cassidy said:


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almost 6 years ago Ilene Preston said:

OMG I love this! :) Keep writing I want more!! And I know you said you were in the middle of re-writing it, so I won't say anything about grammar errors. :)


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over 6 years ago Lucky Cross said:

this is really good! you really need to keep going! this book keeps me on edge and waiting for more! please write more! keep up the awesome work emz!