Flying High

Flying High

1 chapter / 982 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


After a horrible day filled with rumors about him, can one person turn it around for him? Will Teddy Lupin let the haters keep him grounded or he will fly high?


Writing, Romance




over 6 years ago Ravenclaw333 said:

This was a sweet and realistic story. Good job with portraying the friendship between them.



over 6 years ago Aditi Verma (AditiDraco95) said:

A very nice story.

good one.

Hearted it :)



over 6 years ago Robyn (PrincessPadfoot) said:

Hearted this as well!!

Ravenclaw (PrincessPadfoot)


over 6 years ago Siriuslover177 said:

I really liked it. Loved how it is written, and the idea. Really good job 10/10




over 6 years ago Dark Whisper said:

So sweet... I loved the part when he was wondering if she knew that it was her first kiss... then she knew everything about him. That is so, so sweet. I really loved it when he stuck up for himself and get the other Gryffindores grief... deservedly so!

This was very sweet.

Dark Whisper (Go Slytherin!)


over 6 years ago Ramona said:

Awww! So, just so you know, I'm a Teddy/Victoire obsessed shipper and I can't do anything to change that.

I really loved the idea of the story. Since first finding out about Remus' problem, I couldn't help but feel distasteful for all this prejudice coming to everyone who heard what he was. An absolutely kind, gentle man stays right there and you're like "ARRGG!An werewolf! He's just gonna eat us!" - that's so stupid!

Anyways, you made a good Tedoire out of it - Congrats!

Ramona (Gryfindor)