Falling Hard

Falling Hard

6 chapters / 3386 words

Approximately 17 minutes to read


A story I have planned out, but am still making up some events as I go along. This piece may or may not get finished, just depends what happens :)


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over 5 years ago Alicia KC said:

I really like the style of writing. It really sounds like the thoughts of a teenage girl. There are a number of grammar/spelling mistakes, so you might want to skim through once or twice, or just check in a Word doc or a website you know has spell check. (That'd probably make the process faster, haha). I like the story so far~ Hopefully, you'll be able to get past your writer's block and continue with the story (: Keep writing ~~

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about 6 years ago Amythest said:

please write more!!!!!!!!!!


over 6 years ago Kiana Cooney said:

It's really good! I can't wait to read the rest ! :)


over 6 years ago Amber R. H. said:

I really hope u come out of your writers block because I thought this story was really good!



about 6 years ago Kirsten Staller said:

Let me just say . . . WOW. That was completely amazing! There were some errors in chapter five like a zero being where an 'o' should be, and other little things, but other than that, your gramar was good. I absolutly loved your descriptions. I could feel my heart beating as the main character (I'm so sorry, I'm horrible with names!) Made a fool of herself and knocked everything over. I could just imagine the humilition of that happening. Haha, and before, when you described how he looked, its just like oh me god, just want to like gaze at that little image in my head forever!! You have me on my knees begging for you to continue! Nicely done. Now off to read your other piece, the Meadow piece? I'm just that anxious ;D

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over 6 years ago A.K.Adams said:

First I want to say that I love the story. I really like how you change back and forth between the two main characters. I got really engrossed into the story.

I don't think I caught Aura's looks. They are probably there but They didn't stick out enough for me to remember. I do like Kai and the main guy. Their looks stuck out and It was easy to remember to them.

I like how you captured your audience in the begining. It caught my attention immidiatly. Very well done.

Something else I noticed is that the main's personality was lacking a little. I'm sure your not done with it. But this is just a reminder to try and develope your characters to the fullest. I'm sure you know this and are working on it :) Just thought I'd remind you, since Kai's personality was very well done and gave a good picture of him, it stood out to me the main guy's wasn't, and even Aura's a little. But I have full confindence that they are in the works ;)

I really look forward to see the completion and the jurnary to completion of this book :D Very well done.