Suicide Notes

Suicide Notes

10 chapters / 1850 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Stop writing me suicide notes; it only confirms for me how very alive you still are."
After she moves out, Paul begins writing suicide notes to his ex-girlfriend Phoebe. Inspired by a post on the Dear Old Love tumblr. Cover is from Steve 2.0 on Flickr.



over 4 years ago Amelia said:

This was terrifying, I suppose you forewarned me on the first page, but why would I listen to that sort of reason. Your writing holds such weight and sadness as Paul's voice that I began to think of these as real letters. And does Phoebe ever receive them? I know that this isn't the important part but I couldn't help imagining a beautiful girl opening these letters and I know it must have broken her heart. Or maybe it didn't. Either way, it broke mine.


about 5 years ago Naomi M. said:

I absolutely loved this. Paul takls about the sadness of his life and his thoughts of death with such a matter-of-fact tone. Its very moving, very haunting. Again, beautiful.


over 5 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

This is incredible. I love the idea and you did a fantastic job with the tone when he talks about being sad and lost like he is, waiting (and hoping) to die. It felt very real to me, and crazily honest. It seems strange to say, but I really enjoyed reading it, despite (or maybe because of) the dark themes. It was captivating and poetic and terrifying as they approached the end and I wondered how his letters could end, if not badly. I have to say, December did not disappoint. Well, I suppose it did, but in a very messed up way, I was glad that he finally left her behind, whether he died or not.

I think my favorite one was either September or October. September because of the awesome comparisons with birth, and October because of the chillingly frank way that he talks about cutting his arms and legs just to see more blood. It was honest and raw in a way that actually made me shiver-really well done.

Anyway, this story was phenomenal, and really made me think. You may not have thought up the original idea of a chain of suicide notes, but you certainly made it your own with this piece. :)


over 5 years ago Talia Cohen said:

Amazing and moving :)


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