Fred's Last Goodbye

Fred's Last Goodbye

1 chapter / 1957 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Fred's death caused pain to more than just his twin. He's devastated when he realized that he never said goodbye...
A sequel to "Georges's Last Goodbye". Thanks, and enjoy!


Writing, Fantasy



about 4 years ago Yana Kozukhin said:

Beautifully written and so sad... You portrayed their relationship perfectly. I love it.


over 4 years ago Ginny Midge said:

This one is a lot more sad than the first one, I wish that Fred had gotten the chance to see the Long Lasting Laughing Licorice. But it was still beautifully written! You are an amazing writer, thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us!


over 4 years ago Knight&DayID said:

Stupid stupid stupid! You almost made me cry again! What the heck?!


almost 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

God, I'm actually crying. Why are you such an amazing writer?!



almost 6 years ago Jessica Raylene said:

5 stars. I cried...It was so touching and beautiful and just..ugh.


almost 6 years ago 1 said:

If only I could press the heart button fifty more times...

I loved it, it was words can express it other than perfect.