The Mind Game

The Mind Game

1 chapter / 1218 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Ryan always seems to be popular with the ladies,but what happens when he meets a girl he wants, but cannot have?


Sports day

over 6 years ago Alison L. said:

This is really great! I read the whole thing and I genuinely thought it was great. The dialogue flowed beautifully and it kind of felt like a scene from many a comedic movie, but put into prose. Great job! I have only one complaint though. I don't really like the name Bernice (of course this just my personal preference, not yours) and I thought that it would sound a lot better if the name was a little different. You definitely DONT have to listen to me though! I was just saying :) Great storryyy!!! :)


over 6 years ago Emilee Monin said:

WOW hahahaha can stop laughin' got o breath

Me and hannah

over 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

Loved it, great writing style and word choice! Very funny topic!


over 6 years ago Sarah Lambert said:

Intriguing plot! Im interested to see where this goes!



about 6 years ago Imaantivist said:

I like it soooo much!