Do I Stay? Or Do I go?

Do I Stay? Or Do I go?

1 chapter / 78 words

Approximately half a minute to read


this is me trying to make a poem. this very first time making a poem. it popped into my head at 1:00 AM last night so if it is terrible please do not be too hursh.


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Beautiful gairy yorkshire

almost 6 years ago Brigid Griffin said:

That was really cool!!!!! Isn't there a song called "Do I stay or do I go?"


over 6 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

I really like this. It's wonderful and just vague enough. It seems like it's a good song in the making, too, but maybe that's just me :) Nice job!

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over 6 years ago Victoria W. said:

WOW. That is wonderful Kaitlyn! =D You really did an excellent job. I almost cried. =') Keep up the great work.


over 6 years ago Amelia T said:

so pretty, yet detailed and very deep :) good job with poetry, and i dont kno if you know the character on the cover, but LOVE that cover lol :D



almost 6 years ago Andrea Smile said:

Deep... I can tell you wrote this from your soul... AWESOME! quite amazing, normally I don't like poetry, but I like this, that's how good it is! :D