The Master's Wrath

The Master's Wrath

1 chapter / 134 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


This was my entry for the Fringe Society Contest. Despite losing, you may still enjoy this poem that has a much darker tone then my normal piece.

*Semi finalist in the Fringe Society Contest


See the glory

over 5 years ago Colin Lierman said:

I must say, you do a great job with your poetry! :D


about 6 years ago Liz Knowles said:

I really enjoyed your poem and the story it told. However, at times I felt like you were concentrating too much on making it rhyme and not enough on the emotional side. On the other hand, I really liked your metaphors.


over 6 years ago Emily Alice said:

This was really beautifully done. I agree with Halle. I love your humor writing but I also love to see you expand your writing on other things too. You did a wonderful job with this. :) Keep it up.

The groove shark

over 6 years ago Lynne Delaine said:

I like stories in poem form. I dunno why, I just always have. ^^


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