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Brynn and I were going to America for a semester for school on the Titanic. After our parents finally agreed with our pleading and after we told them countless times it was "Unsinkable", and look how that turned out. We made friends, sure. It started with the four of us - Brynn, Kira, Fiona, and me, Briana; - and in the end... in the end we were seperated. The Titanic. Unsinkable, huh?



over 6 years ago Brookie said:

i really like this, even though it only has one chapter! I have never read a story about the Titanic before on Figment, so I am excited to see how this turns out. Keep writing! =]


over 6 years ago Kennedy V. Lang said:

I like this a lot! You should definitely add to this, it's a great story so far. I'm a nerd for Titanic history and if you need any help, just ask. And Devoted to Thee is still having poetry added, thank you!



over 5 years ago Brooke Norris said:

Nice, however I don't think people used to talk like that. The "bob" hairdo was after the Titanic era, first of all, and I think the "this sucks" stuff is just in this generation. IDK, it might just be me, but that sounded a little bit out of place.


over 6 years ago Venven said:

This is a really interesting book. The writing is really good, and very gripping. But I thought how they were talking was a little weird. they're from Europe, right? But they talk like people from the US. And somehow I don't think a European girl at that time is going to say, "Crap." I like how you've modernized it, though.