When the World Stops

When the World Stops

1 chapter / 589 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A girls thoughts as she stares out her window. Intriguing I know. Second time in first person. Don't know if I like the style. But for thoughtful more pensive stories, I like it. I know it has no plot but perhaps I could continue if it is shown interest.


Writing, Short Story



about 6 years ago Anna Browne said:

I think the flow is a little tedious, but your structure and style are good.



over 6 years ago Becky Hill said:

This is really good! I loved your descriptions and vocabulary. There were a few grammar errors but nothing really major and especially nothing a quick run-through couldn't fix. If you were to expand it, I would definitely read more :) Great job!


over 6 years ago Zara the Shikara tara said:

This is a charming story. The premise is great. I love the imaginery and the thoughtful tone of the story. It is truly lovely. Good Job.

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over 6 years ago A said:

This was cool, didn't have much plot as you said in the description but it was good.



about 5 years ago Kortney Worrix said:

Love it Great job!!