11 chapters / 17157 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Two best friends go on vacation with their families. But a week after they arrive at Palm Island, River begins seeing something horrible--the shadow men. And they seem to be after Myra. At first, they think that maybe its all just one big hallucination, but really, Myra is in grave danger. Can River figure out how to stop it all before she loses her best friend forever?



over 5 years ago Trina said:

One of the most amazing stories I ever read! Keep writing you are great!


over 6 years ago Annabel G. said:

River and Myre, what pretty but unique names. I didn't expect the ending, with the shadow drawing the x. It was creepy in a good way. You must continue! It was really good, I want to find out what happens next. :)


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