Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate

21 chapters / 13739 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Melina is a simple girl living her life in the village of wholeobin. Yet when she was 5 a wolf (werewolf) started attacking and killing the many villagers. It kept coming over the years but stopped after giving sacrafices. But now its back and everyones pointing fingers at who it is. Melina wants revenge after it kills her best friend. But then she gets distracted by drake and a new boy named james. James and drake both have there secrets and melina needs to know who the wolf is.



almost 4 years ago Ali Marie said:

This was an amazing play on the class tail of little red riding hood, I loved it but i feel like the very end of the story was a bit rushed. I would have liked to known more about there slaying a cross the country and how did Drake wind up with Mary

Blue bangs

about 6 years ago Hannah Tripp said:

Now that you're done with this what story are you going to focus on? I haven't seen Romero and Julieta for a while. :P

Donbo wings2

over 6 years ago ♫♪fallen♪♫ said:

STUPID WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue bangs

over 6 years ago Hannah Tripp said:

Stupid sleep!



over 6 years ago Jade Harley said:

This story is very good and creative, but I must note, (besides the grammar issue;)), that this story tends to have no logic at times. In the "Silver Tip" chapter, how does the wolf know her cloak is magic? I mean, think about it.