35 Reasons Why I Hate Andrew McClairin

35 Reasons Why I Hate Andrew McClairin

6 chapters / 6156 words

Approximately 31 minutes to read


This is based on a true story. The names and places have been changed to protect the innocent.It has also been completely exaggerated and romanticized. In real life the kid hated me, and after graduation I never saw him again.


Writing, Comedy, Romance


Black bird

almost 5 years ago Aviline said:

When I came upon this, I was so happy to find some revenge story. SO WORTH READING! I love the story. You should continue it!

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over 5 years ago Alyce McKnight said:

Okay, I love this! I stumbled upon it and read the first chapter. It is absoulutely wonderful. Add more sensory detail and more detail overall but other than that I LOVE it!

-Alyce McKnight =)


over 5 years ago Rachel Beasley said:

That was really good. I want to read more. :)


over 5 years ago Catherine Hale said:

Hey this is a really good story! You should write more!



about 6 years ago ethereality said:

Second chapter, third paragraph: "thirtee" is supposed to be "thirteen". The only other thing I'd suggest is this: "From that moment on it would be World War III between us, but of course I didn't know it at the time. Now let me introduce my love interest." For a moment, I got confused. I didn't know if Drew and Jesse were the same person. Do you have any ideas how to fix that so others aren't confused? Overall, great story! It's cute, witty, and far from boring. I wanted to read more, and was disappointed when there was only three chapters. Please update soon!