Serena's Love

Serena's Love

9 chapters / 8554 words

Approximately 43 minutes to read


Another day in the middle of an outbreak with a new female friend, perhaps this one will make it to the end.


Comedy, Horror, Romance



about 6 years ago Starlyn said:

I LOVE the zombie idea!! Please continue, I want to know what's going on between Jennifer and Serena. (Personally, I think Serena and Omee make a better couple ^^)


about 6 years ago Rene<3 said:

Haha, my names Sarena

Falling for a nice guy cover

over 6 years ago Sheri said:

love this. your writing style is exceptional. again, the detail is superb.

Steampunk cat

over 6 years ago Commando-Cat said:

Nyu, leave it to Omee to save people! The poor girl, it's lucky he found her. I hope she isn't just rebounding on him. That would be sad T.T I wish South would have had zombie locks, I would have felt so much safer!


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