Remembering Smiles

Remembering Smiles

2 chapters / 1447 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Layla felt like she almost had her life back. After her father left without warning, things were pretty hard, but now things were looking better. However, one drunk driver changed that. All, she felt was a bang to the head, and now her memory of everything perfect, was gone. She had to start over, and even with the support of the ones she thinks she loves, she realized how difficult things really are.


Writing, Romance, Novel



over 6 years ago Jade Harley said:

Amazing story. I'm dying for the continue. Please write one!


over 6 years ago wow said:

Wow. that is all I have to say this is amazing!


over 6 years ago AeroSoul said:

I'm loving this already! VERY excited to see where this goes :) The title is great too! Its so important to have a fantastic lead and you totally hit that one on the head. Awesome job!! :)


over 6 years ago Annabel G. said:

Wow, your descriptions are superb, I could picture everything in my head. You HAVE (no if's, and's, or but's) to continue this, I want to read more! Yes, I am very greedy. Lol, no but seriously, this was great. Nice job! :)


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