Hard to Believe

Hard to Believe

7 chapters / 13950 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


© 2011 Kaitlyn Watson
Cover was made by Alyssa lin
A girl named Stehpanie has become a cold person over the course of the past couple years. When she pushes her best, and last, friend away she dicedes to close her heart foverer. but then something strange happens, A girl mysteryously appears in her room claiming to be her fairy godsister, and she needs Stephanie to go back in time


Fantasy, Novel, Romance


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almost 4 years ago Victoria W. said:

I so loved this story that I just had to feature it on my blog today! :D



almost 5 years ago E. L. Jenae said:

I'm putting this on my to read list because I don't have time to get into a story right now but from the description it seems like a great read :)


almost 5 years ago Jonah Solheim said:

Holy crap, before I even started the book I saw Luck, Wisconsin and almost had an accident! That's where my great-grandma lives, and no one else knows about it! Crazy. Anyway. I'll read a little now...

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over 5 years ago RenegadeWren said:

Very promising - I loved it - you have talent! Please read "Animal Instincts" if you can!



almost 6 years ago Wyatt Jaymes said:

This is very good. However, I did find a few cons.


The my in the sentence about her grandparents should me capitalized, you are using "ly" a lot. The only problem I see with that is you aren't using them in the right context. For example, If I say I can hardly see your face then it is in the right context. But if you say someone said something harshly than you aren't using the words in the right context. I say this because it sound like you re trying to find the easy way out instead of telling us what the character was doing while they were speaking.

The last con is I found it very hard to connect with the main Character because there was too much drama in her life. My tip with this is sometimes too much conflict isn't a good thing. But if you tried to slow it down bit and give us more detail on the conflicts then I would be okay with it.


It was very well organized. There were no spelling errors. And I saw that you are very good with dialogue and I loved your writing style.

Thanks for joining the competition. I wish you the best of luck in it. And I hope you aren't the only person in this competition. So thank you for being a contestant and remember to Just Write Something!

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almost 6 years ago CC said:

I love the idea of this story. I do, however, have a hard time connecting with Stephanie. There is just too much in her life going wrong. I don't know, it just makes her seem unrealistic! But I think overall this is very well done. Good work :)