The Vanity of Vampires

The Vanity of Vampires

20 chapters / 14046 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


NOVEL - IN-PROGRESS - Tired of teen werewolves and vampires and doe-eyed fan-girls breathless at the very idea of the forbidden love and romance of vampirism? With all of the dark history of the occult attached to vampirism, is this really a path our society should present as a sappy love story? This is a story that will follow three high school students through the winding journey into a community of vampire worshipers. The work will explore our culture's fascination with Vampires, Vampirism, and the dangers such immersion invites. This is also a commentary on the modern American Christian Church. PLEASE READ!



over 5 years ago Courtney Whited said:

Very interesting story. Didn't get to read all of it yet but I am excited to see where it goes.


almost 6 years ago -MofaSa- said:



about 6 years ago Ella Fee Nix said:

Wow, this is really really good. Your vocabulary is strong and really helps us get a good picture of whats happening!


about 6 years ago sasha said:

it great story and i love the it written


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about 6 years ago E.R. Warren said:

It's not you, it's me.

The writing, grammar, and pacing is pretty solid here. Kudos to you! It's easy to read, crystal clear to understand. I hope you have the discipline to crank this novel out, and I think you have the passion for writing that'll lead to more stories in the future. I loved your preface. I loved the little details sprinkled through the story that made it special, and I appreciated your darker take on modern vampirism. I'm looking forward to actually meeting the vampires. Are they for real, or is this a twisted cult? Or is it a bit of both?

I suppose the only thing that stops me from liking this is that I can't relate to anyone in it. I'm a part of the loathsome, parent-pleasing group. I do my homework. I get good grades. I don't go to church, but I don't despise the institution. I don't dress in all black. I've never cast myself as the stereotypical outsider. This heroine stands on a very thin line of being a parody of herself. I can't relate to her, and consequently, I can't like her. I get that the System and the Man (or mom?) are against her (misguided and moronic) teenage rebellion, but I feel nothing during her successes and failures. I come to this piece with an academic curiosity almost, but there's no emotional pull here for me. I can't help but wonder at the end of the day if this is just a piece of writing for all the estranged misfits in middle and high school (because in college they grow out of it) who feel like life is a Black Abyss and no one will ever Understand them. Ever. I had some friends like our heroine. They were fine in small doses.

So, which leaves me wondering if I want more than a small dose of this?


about 6 years ago Katherine the Great said:

First of all- I am SOOOO sorry this took so long. Seriously. I LOVED THIS PREMISE. It's so unique and bizarre, but all around intriguing. 1. Who my favorite character is: I LOVE Katherine. And not just because she has the same name as me. She's so interesting and mysterious, and almost standoffish at times too. I feel like she knows more than she's letting on to. 2. My thoughts on the main character's development: Le is actually a close second for my favorite character! (Which is odd, I have a tendency to HATE main characters.) She's strong, but not so strong that she gets all XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS on us. I love hearing her voice in your writing, with the "parent-pleasers" and her views on everyone around her. Rather cynical, yes, but I think that's my favorite thing about her character. 3. My favorite scene! I really like the scenes where they're in English class, and reading the Devil and Daniel Webster. I feel like there's definitely something of significance there, but I can't seem to put my finger on what it is. Le's inner struggles? I don't know, but I really look forward to finding out. 4. Predictions for what's to happen next! Well, I presume it's something to do with a dream hahaa. I expect she'll introduce herself to the society, and they'll take her blood samples and do.... *something* with them. Obviously, I'm not a very good predicter... 5. Anything else I feel like saying. WHEN I CLICKED TO GO TO THE NEXT CHAPTER AND IT WAS ALL -coming soon- I WAS LIKE N OOOOOOO. Anyways, this is an excellent story you've got here, and I really look forward to seeing it come full-circle. Keep writing, please!!