School for Artistically Gifted Children

School for Artistically Gifted Children

3 chapters / 11051 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Freya has been blind from a very young age after a traffic accident, losing her mother in the process. But for what she has lost, she has gained in return the ability to hear her surroundings, and also an uncanny knack for playing musical instruments. Little does she know, after moving to England, that things for her will dramatically change, after being accepted into the most elite school of the country: The School for Artistically Gifted Children.
Cover by Destiny Mangini


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



about 5 years ago venus ascended said:

I am totallytotallytotally going to follow this. The concept of the Songs is just... amazing!

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over 6 years ago TheBookEnthusiast said:

I've only read the first three chapters so far, but so far I really enjoy this! I am definitely going to be needing time to finish this! Freya is a very relatable character, I find. It's her personality traits that I can definitely relate to. Love it so far :)


over 6 years ago Wholockian said:

Amazing work! Absolutely amazing! I love the name Freya and she's a really awesome character! Good work! And continue!


over 6 years ago Anon Y. Mouse said:

ahh! want to hear more about sam and those group of kids olivia keeps talking about.. love, love, and love it. wow. simply, amazing.

freya won't be a may-sue!!!



over 6 years ago Destiny Mangini said:

I'm going to review this as I go....

Okay, for grammar errors, I noticed a few mistakes. On the morning before Freya goes to school, her father is telling her about her clothes on the hanger on her bed. You repeated that she left the room with her hands on the walls to steer her to her room. I suggest changing that. Also, I believe it is plainclothes, not plane clothes. You have "Bethany let" when I think you meant "Bethany led". Finally, you mention Freya being two and having a brain tumor, and then you talk about her being weeks old. That confused me a bit.

The plot is awesome. It's very unique, and I was hooked from just reading the synopsis. I love the idea of the children being able to hear Songs the way they do. The fact that each of them has the Song as a part of their own special power is nice. Freya hears them for one reason, and her friend has an empathy-gift.

To me, it appears that the characters are strongly developed. The headmaster being evil is a bit cliche, but everything else that's different makes one similar thing okay.

Overall, I love this story. I hope you add more than just the first chapter very soon so I can read more! 4/5 :)