My Favorite Songs

My Favorite Songs

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Just some lyrics of my favorite songs!



almost 6 years ago Mikster :) said:

nice taste in music! luvv these songs!!

Usa1 171

about 6 years ago Katja Kad said:

I like the EXACT same songs haha


over 6 years ago Cat Valentine said:

:O is there anyway I could have some of your PIXIE DUST? Hehe, get it? Ohmygosh, that's so funny! Anyways, I like your taste in music. It's Pixietastic! Hehe! Bye!


over 6 years ago Rebecca Lechar said:

u have an epic choice in music


Jesus guys why

about 6 years ago Pixie Dust said:

Actually, it's official name is Stutter, but it usually has the "You Were Never My Lover" in bracets so people actually know the name, so I just wanted to clarify the song :P

Me and jeff!!!!!!

about 6 years ago Fred_Weasley said:

YES! ANOTHER STARKID FAN! but just so you know, Joe walkers song is actually called "Stutter", not "you were never my lover"