Almost Beautiful

Almost Beautiful

7 chapters / 6598 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


He looked at me and said "you're beautiful Sav, inside and out." My hand itched to point at the scar that tore across the lower right side of my face. How could this be anything close to beautiful?


Writing, Romance, Novel



almost 5 years ago Katie ZaBAM said:

This deserves a fifty million bajillion more hearts than it already has. I can't explain to you the feeling I got when I read this. The characterization was brilliant; the plot was intriguing; and while I agree that the ending feels just a little untidy and I'm a little iffy about the open-ended romance, I love that you resolved the main story and made Sav and her family see her as beautiful again. This is good enough to be published. Thank you for writing such a touching story :)


about 5 years ago Pomegranate said:

This is very good. A couple things though. In chapter 3, paragraph 3, the sentence that uses the word "goalie" seems to be awkwardly worded. Also, in chapter 4, in the flashback it says "the nurse looked at my sympathetically". I don't know how you'd want to fix that, I guess probably changing "my" to "me". I really enjoyed it though. And I like the ending the way it is.


over 5 years ago Lily Ransom said:

This is beautiful, and it made me cry. I wanted to start sobbing when Savannah was speaking. Sometimes it takes a small child to say what everyone else says and make it mean something. Savannah is an awesome character, beautifully written. The ending is amazing, and it made me want to cry again. I can relate to Savannah more than I'd like anyone to know, so thank you for writing this.


over 6 years ago SongBird's Ballad said:

very precise and unique. I enjoyed it!



8 months ago Ridho Sazuke said:

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over 3 years ago Darth_ said:

This was a very interesting story. Firstly I want to address your closing remarks. On your story being incomplete, I think as the author of our own work, we will always feel that way. Personally I liked the ending, although a part of me found it sudden, but you addressed everything really.

Secondly, I found the ending very touching. I think you did a good job building the relationship with her mother. She was somewhat self centred on Sav's beauty given her reaction in the hospital, to firstly being concerned with the modelling company. Her mother probably was looking at it differently, given that it would help them pay for college and in that way, she probably sent the wrong idea to her daughter. In the end, she somewhat realised this and made ammends by helping her daughter realise that she is still beautiful, despite the scar. It was very touching, especially given that Sav felt very connected to Jack because he made her feel beautiful. That was really nice.

So to surmise, you did a good job on the story. In terms of writing style, you kept us interested and actually craving more I am sure. The emotions you played on were all there, I think we all connected really well to not just Sav, but to Jack and even his sister. It was very beautiful like Sav is, like you are, like I am and like everybody else is.