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You'd think being a teenager is hard, right?
All the drama in high school,
the incredible amount of work,
the "groundations" and punishments,
the "she said"-"he said" crap. Well, I'd just like to inform anyone who is willing to listen, or read rather,
that if you are currently experiencing that life. You have it good.
Consider my life for instance in comparison;
My parent's aren't my parents,
My best friend isn't my best friend,
My dog may or may not be my dog,
and hell if I know who I am.



over 5 years ago Hope Blackwell said:

So mysterious! I want to know more! Keep writing!


almost 6 years ago zuiver said:

um... more? mooore!


almost 6 years ago DJ said:

Sorry it took me so long to comment and stuff. Gut I like this alot. Reminds me of something I wrote when I was younger. Keep it up!


almost 6 years ago PretendLikeI'mNotHere said:

((and I really like the cover, btw!))


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