The End of Hope

The End of Hope

13 chapters / 7411 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


*Work in progress*Ashia. It means "hope" and "life". And that, is exactly her destiny.
Let me take you to the world called Hope, where beauty shines from every being. But I am not there for recreation, no, I'm there because I am the Savior. I save worlds from certain doom, the cause, is Destroyers. I must do it before time runs out. Before we all cease to exist.
This is the story of the end of Hope.



11 months ago Michealla Reid said:

Extremely awesome no doubt. There might be a few word changes but epic otherwise:)


11 months ago Valin said:

Great work, loved every minute!


about 1 year ago Kadynce Bivins said:

I loved your story. Could not have been better.


over 1 year ago Maleke Virgo said:

What upsets me the most about this is the fact that you make life seem so easy. How you have 36 VOTES?! People are dead on here, let alone focus on a story, and yet your proving that theory wrong. I can't believe this....gosh, what did you do anyways. >:'|



8 months ago Olie Acid said:

Nice story! I totally loved it :)

Lady red profile picture

11 months ago Lady Red said:

I love how you describe the Hopians' voices. I feel extremely bad for Sharu, and I have grown to really dislike his father.