The End of Hope

The End of Hope

13 chapters / 7411 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


*Work in progress*Ashia. It means "hope" and "life". And that, is exactly her destiny.
Let me take you to the world called Hope, where beauty shines from every being. But I am not there for recreation, no, I'm there because I am the Savior. I save worlds from certain doom, the cause, is Destroyers. I must do it before time runs out. Before we all cease to exist.
This is the story of the end of Hope.



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about 1 year ago Lady Red said:

I love how you describe the Hopians' voices. I feel extremely bad for Sharu, and I have grown to really dislike his father.


about 1 year ago Lola Gant said:

Great story