The Princess & Her Shadow

The Princess & Her Shadow

1 chapter / 1494 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


*Complete* Jane heard the story of the heartless prince countless times.....

(Cover Art by Lavenda Memory)

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almost 2 years ago Robin Nova said:

This is an adorable fairy tale! -Robin

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about 2 years ago Lauren F. said:

Please add more!

Just cool

almost 4 years ago Madison Anderson said:

Is it any way possible that there can be another chapter? Please?


over 4 years ago Artemis Evans said:

This was so nice. An adorable little tale. It was truely wonderful.



over 1 year ago Sophie Starr said:

I loved it the first time, and reading it years later, this piece still blows me away. The delicate language is surprisingly striking and the plot line is unique while paying homage to traditional fairytales. So good, I wish I wrote it!


over 4 years ago Kisa Whipkey said:

What a lovely little tale! I was sad when it ended; it's such a unique premise!

I'll admit that it took me a little bit to adjust to your writing style. It's actually quite excellent, with lots of interesting phrasing and unusual comparisons, but be careful that you don't sometimes take it too far. The beginning, especially, suffered from a bit of muddy imagery, like you were so focused on the beautiful language that the story became convoluted and a little hard to understand. But you hit your stride by the middle, and the rest really sucked me in.

The ending did seem a bit abrupt though. I know it's a short story, but I felt like you could have expanded it by just a couple more sentences to provide a better sense of closure.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. Perhaps you would consider expanding it? Or writing a full-length piece set in that world? I think it has massive potential and you are definitely quite talented. Nicely done!

Kisa Whipkey | Editor, REUTS Publications