Two Feet, One Heart

Two Feet, One Heart

3 chapters / 3033 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


**WORK IN PROGRESS**At a dancing competition, two seven year olds are chosen to dance together. They know nothing about each other. All they know is that they got paired up with each other because they were the best who auditioned. Now, nine years later they meet again. They both share the love and passion of dancing, but will they share something more?


Drama, Romance, Novel


The vampire diaries

about 3 years ago Shammi said:

Too adorable!! I loved every part of this piece (:

Keep writing and express yourself. :D


over 3 years ago cake (by the ocean) said:

this is so cute bby, just like you and me < 3


almost 4 years ago Choo Choo Train said:

Lol 69 hearts


almost 5 years ago Jane Elizabeth said:

I love this so far. I can't wait to read more. Please write more ASAP!!!



almost 5 years ago True-Writer17 said:

This is a really good story, and i can't wait to read more of it. It's also very funny.


almost 5 years ago Samantha Swindle said:

you really shoul write more