Death Touch

Death Touch

6 chapters / 1499 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Toska is the firstborn daughter of Russia, and of course there is nothing wrong with her.
Let Them Eat Figs Contest Entry 2011



over 1 year ago Arabella Starr said:

i would enjoy seeing you expand this. it is a reread for me. i like to think that the d woman's love and kindness was transferred into toska's hands via the silver. i would like to see more of her personality and how she struggles against the curse...and more of the after effects of the blessing.

Figment profo

almost 4 years ago Julia Warner said:

Oh dear me what a horrid curse! I feel awful for poor Toska, but I love this idea. I love the fast pace and the characters you created and the way you told the story in bits and pieces. So much packed into so few words. Lovely job. :)


over 4 years ago Anonymity said:

Amazing story. Pragmatic Abbess to the rescue. I loved this story.


over 4 years ago Christina Im said:

Gracious, this was brilliant. And beautiful. And heartbreaking. And genius, just like all of your other pieces :)

(Honestly, is there any genre you can't write?)


Rachael 01

over 5 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Enter a small, empty room where a television turns on* We apologize for this inconvenience. Rachael's mind has blown up due to the greatness of this story and we're still picking up the pieces. We've put together some of her reasons for liknig this story, so please enjoy the following recording after the beep. BEEEEPPP!

1)She seems to have loved the concept. She's never heard or read of it before and thought it was more than original and interesting. Her attention was gripped right away and she couldn't stop reading once she started.

2)The characters were so very believeable to her. She felt as if she knew them personally. She felt for the main character deeply and was angry with her father for what he did.

*Rachael walks into the room* Uhhh...Oh, hey there! Sorry, I seemed to have passed out for a second. Anyhow, I'll get on with my reasons for liking this....*looks at TV list of her reasons* What the...? Ok then. Well, this is beyond odd. *watches TV recording from beginning to end* Ahh, I see, well, I guess that basically covers all my resons. I so very glad I read this. Please, keep up the great writing!

Me 1963

over 5 years ago Linda D said:

Once again you have immersed me into the imagery of your intriguing story. Not once did I wane in my interest as I read. I love that the Abbess rescued her from her plight of executioner. Silver hands – permanent gloves. The perfect solution. I did have one confusion:. “The humble years at the abbey having taken their toll” “having taken their toll” is usually a negative term – worn down. And, yes, a convent is supposed to wear away pride to gain humility, but in this case her humility was a blessing, and so I feel it should be portrayed as a good thing – not against her will –taken their toll, but rather – served her well. Being used as an executioner would have “taken its toll” And so: “The humble years at the abbey having served her well, the princess…” Just a suggestion: and with all suggestions, it can just as easily be placed respectfully in the virtual trash.