Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

1 chapter / 496 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This is a random, happy story. Not expecting much cause it's a little random but fingers crossed...



over 5 years ago Anna Aries said:

This was so sweet and cute! I love the 80's theme, and the references were on point! The cover is very cute, too! (:

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about 6 years ago UNKNOWN said:

That was a randomly....cute I guess, story. I liked it, very lightening.


about 6 years ago Syd Sirois said:

Loved the imagery in this, it made me smile :) It's My Life is one of my favorite songs xD Great job!


about 6 years ago Jackie taylor said:

great start to the story, are you going to keep writing it? i love the 80's....oh one thing tho the lyrics are from 'its my life' that was released in the 2000's not the 80's :-) you may want to change it to something from the albums 'slippery when wet' or 'new jersey' (sorry i am a huge bon jovi fan lol)


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