You Won't Remember Anyway

You Won't Remember Anyway

1 chapter / 129 words

Approximately half a minute to read


PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME. YA JUST ONE CLICK. PICK ME. A small poem I just thought of.
Please let me know of any issues with it or things I could fix


Writing, Drama, Poetry



over 5 years ago Ibelin said:

I feel like this sometimes. I'm no kind of poet and so totally unqualified to critique poetry, but I identify with the poem. The poem makes me feel. That's good, right?

Whitehole-2 (1)

over 5 years ago Michael D. Waterhouse said:

Very nice- unusual thinking :)


over 5 years ago Emily Anne said:

Good. I don't quite understand it though. Who is this person talking about? A boyfriend?


almost 6 years ago Monika said:

I really enjoyed this. Especially since I can relate to most of it.



over 4 years ago Angela Frank said:

Omg, I love this! It's sad, beautiful, relatable, and A SERIOUS POEM THAT RYHMES!!!!!! This is perfection :D


over 5 years ago Clare McCullough said:

I am in love. This piece is so pure and honest. It says what we all are too afraid to say (though its with good reason. :) Keep putting these poems on here!!