Village Girls

Village Girls

4 chapters / 3276 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


The village is an obsolete little place forever stuck in the Dark Ages. Change is but none, and the evils like child marriage, female infanticide aren't just insignificant black words in a textbook there.


Writing, Short Story



over 4 years ago Kubrah said:

This is a great, heartfelt story. I do wish you put in more imagery, though. It conveyed a serious message about greed and faith.

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over 4 years ago Soph!a said:

This is beautiful and amazing and ahhh just so good! Great job!


over 4 years ago Connie X. said:

The first chapter was pretty good. I would have liked to have some dialogue in there. It adds tone and allows the characters to be easier to identify with. But it was a truly heart-wrenching story. Very moving.


over 5 years ago Sonia K said:

This was heart-breaking, and little girls around the world actually have to suffer through this. It was beautifully described. Great job1



over 5 years ago integral_x said:

This affected me deep down on the inside. Since I'm an Indian, I know all this. I've seen all this. I've experienced all this. My grandmother herself was partial to my mother's brother rather than my mother and her sisters. And I feel the same way you do about it- that it's completely RIDICULOUS. I love all of the characters in the story, especially Rani. Rani seems exactly like me, in everything she does. I was actually close to tears at the end, partly because of the content I'd just read, and realizing its truth, and partly because there wasn't more to read! I feel really connected to this story. I understand all of the Indian terms. I've gotten mehendi on my hands before, (interesting about the myth about the darkness of it. I was comparing that to my own life after I read it; my sister recently got married, and her mehendi always comes out SUPER red...and her husband practically worships her. I then thought about my own mehendi's moderately dark, so'll correspond with the myth! xD) I've also worn a sari before...the works. It's amazing how much I enjoyed reading this- never before have I read a Figment story so quickly, or with such eagerness to continue reading. I simply love how I can relate to it so easily. I really, really want to follow along with this. I'm begging you to write more of this. Please. Keep writing. It was beautifully written, with all the right details at the right times. I love it- I advise you not to change a thing in it. Write more!!!!! :D