Ugly Cinderella

Ugly Cinderella

1 chapter / 1465 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Okay, so whoa. WHOA. In just a day, my story gained like 40 hearts! I don't know what happened, but thanks to everyone who read and hearted it... Obviously this must be a pretty good story, even though it isn't even my best...

Ugly but Smart Ella shows that you don't always need a fairy godmother to make your dreams come true.
*for the let them eat figs contest


Luna estella

over 4 years ago Kaleidoscope Eyes said:

great job im working on a similar piece (i mean the hole ugly cindy thing the plots very different) so great job! the only thing is you said ''I sew it my self'' i think ''sewed'' sounds a bit better,but keep writting your really talented!


over 4 years ago Garima Gupta said:

I love the twist you put on the classic. It was much more realistic than the actual story! Nicely done!

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almost 5 years ago Melanie Koval said:

I like how you made the note, making her sound un-educated. This was very funny! Good job:)


almost 5 years ago Erin Bride said:

I love cinderella storys and yours ranks my top ten. Its very easy to image the steps arriving to the ball in horrible gowns and such. I think this is a very good book and that it is a total fav.


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