Tierced with Potter

Tierced with Potter

6 chapters / 2901 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


If you liked breaking a yawn you'll love this.
For the fans that like Twilight or Harry Potter or both.
Especially Brianna for forcing me to read Harry Potter and Alexandra for her hatred of Twilight.
DO NOT READ this unless you have read at least finished with the first five books of Harry Potter (if you are a PotterHead) or you have finished reading Twilight completely (If you are a TwiHard). SPOILERS IN HERE!!!
This is a mix of Harry Potter and Twilight. It's basically the Twilight book but the characters and the setting are changed up.
I'm a Harry Potter fan myself. I don't hate Twilight but I don't like it either. But I do like Bella and Edward. They could be really cool characters if they weren't snogging all the time.
Oh and while reading Cedwarc Dicullory has a british accent BTW.
This story kind of disses both series a little bit. I apologize. Parodies are supposed to do that. If some of the words are directly from the book, shut up. It's hard writing a BOOK parody. Enjoy!!!


Comedy, Novel, Romance



almost 4 years ago Spring Ortis said:

You actually made me rethink not reading twilight and it's very hard to get me to change my mind about books.


about 6 years ago Inky Mint said:



about 6 years ago Audrey said:

XD this is the best parody...dare I say...ever. And yes, the Dramione will be appreciated...just don't make Hermione sock him in the nose again. :)


over 6 years ago Venven said:

This is amazing. I cannot explain how amazing this is. I laughed my a** off at Ron Awesomeface



about 6 years ago Inky Mint said:

i love this. just one thing, you need to try and make the story little more clear. the end with the explainations helped, but even though it was epic in every possible, you still needed some reviewing. --also, i know that this is a follow up on your other spoof, but the other one you wrote, was three sentences long. EXPLAND ON THAT POR FAVOR!!!!! Other than that, Good Job! :D (i am a potterhead, but twilght should go boil its head in holy water.)

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about 6 years ago CoolSlytherin said:

Just one thing you have ruined our Slytherin pride.....Bella will NEVER be in Slytherin.....But Bellatrix can be....good job....