The Break-Up Artist

The Break-Up Artist

5 chapters / 4969 words

Approximately 25 minutes to read


Mimi Collins is famous for breaking hearts and mending souls. She is the one who rips the chord of a relationship while she silently mends her victims. All she needs is a survey, her intuition, and some cash to make an awkward separation more like liberation. She isn’t ruining lives or killing romance; she’s just doing her job.
Unfortunately, the job of a break-up artist is never done.
Copyright Victoria Testa. All rights reserved.


Comedy, Romance, Novel



almost 4 years ago Jo said:

This is really good, interesting concept and it just... draws me in. Please write more, and notify me when you do!


almost 5 years ago Bex Zimmerman said:

loving this! KEEP WRITING


almost 5 years ago Drew Zimmerman said:

I like it! Keep writing....btw George is such the typical "secret admirer" :P

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about 5 years ago Ashley Malecha said:

You are such an amazing author, I thought I was reading an award winning book (you could seriously win award for this book)!!! Defintaly write a sequel... like where her sister gets better and something amazing happens... something like that :) Keep the good work!!



almost 6 years ago Mindii said:

Wow! I really love this story. I love witty characters! You've created these lovely characters and Mimi's nicely fleshed out. I like the pacing of the story, too. It's not too fast and it gives you enough time to build up your characters. But what really kept me reading was your humour throughout the five chapters. Mimi is a really witty girl and Rachel is equally as funny. Your use of grammar is well done as well--I found no issues with that or spelling. All in all, I'm really excited to read more and find out who the Admirer is and what's up with Rick. You've got an intriguing, funny plot and I'm excited to read more! You earned a heart from me!


almost 6 years ago Addie said:

Keep writing this!!