The Giraffe Who Learned to Love

The Giraffe Who Learned to Love

2 chapters / 781 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


My rejected idea for an assignment. :( Oh well!



about 5 years ago Emily (Frowning) said:

Wow. I love it.


almost 6 years ago Emma Fisher said:

Ha ha ha ha ha ha *E.C. Fisher continues to laugh throughout comment* THAT WAS HILARE!!! Oh my gosh, I also absolutely adore the cover. This was really funny. Good job.

Peace sign

over 6 years ago ♥ Hannah ♥ said:

This is halarious and I could not stop laughing! Cat is my fave character from the show. Please read some of my stuff.


over 6 years ago wow said:

hahaha, I love this it made me laugh so hard! Cat's like my fave character on the show she's just so innocent


Summer hearts

almost 5 years ago Summer Kingston said:

Hahaha, it was so funny and cute! Loved it!


almost 5 years ago Neverland said: