The Illusion of Betrayal

The Illusion of Betrayal

1 chapter / 1907 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Her best friend was in love with her, but the secrets that she holds may cause his heart to break.



over 4 years ago Bethany said:

I saw a few misspellings but besides that you wrote a wonderful story.


over 4 years ago Renee Goudreaux said:

This flowed very naturally and I love the whole plot and everything. Your descriptions are great. I was a little confused though on what happened towards the end..but I still liked it :)


over 4 years ago Emily Drew said:

I really like this story! It has lots of emotions in it and the plot is creative! Nice work! :)


over 4 years ago Marti said:

Wow, I really liked the imagery and the plot. It was a little hard to follow at parts because of the structure so I wish it was longer because I'm intrigued about the scar. Good job, though ^~^


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