Vein Of Love

Vein Of Love

17 chapters / 59130 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Molly Darling wanted love. Tensley Knight wanted power.

Molly has always dreamed of getting married.
Just not at the age of Seventeen.
Oh, and not to an incubus.

First draft. Warning: Mature Content


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about 6 years ago Meghana said:

Extremely good writing! I'm amazed at how well you portray emotions and the intricacy of your plot, though it is still easy to follow. I admit the mature content made me blush but it seems much more realistic this way, and I got very absorbed into the story. Excellent use of language, but a few words didn't seem to have spaces between them, so you might want to double check that. Overall an intense and well-written story and I'm dying to read more!


over 6 years ago R. Scarlett said:

Hi guys! I firstly just want to thank you for the support and encouragement! It means a lot.

Now about this book. It is pretty mature, so I just want people to be aware of that fact before they start reading and then have a heart attack. Haha.

Secondly, this is an ongoing series and this is the first book. I basically have everything figured out, sort of at least.

Thirdly, I am a writer who takes facts from history and books and combines them with other facts and my own ideas.

Fourthly, I'll just and write as much as possible and upload.

Fifthly, I would love to thank my good friend, Bre, who always listens to me ramble on about Tensley and the story line and helps me with anything I need. Thanks :)

Thanks again!