Vein Of Love

Vein Of Love

17 chapters / 59130 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


Molly Darling wanted love. Tensley Knight wanted power.

Molly has always dreamed of getting married.
Just not at the age of Seventeen.
Oh, and not to an incubus.

First draft. Warning: Mature Content


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6 months ago Athul Nair said:

Hey R.Scarlett!

You don't know me, and I don't know you, at least personally. But I remember about six years ago, when I was a young freshman signing up for Figment at the constant nagging of my English teacher, I stumbled upon Vein of Love. Now, I'll have you know , I'm no fan of romance, especially when it involves supernatural beings, no matter how gorgeous. At the time, I was still recovering from the soppy,saccharine mush that we all remember as the Twilight Saga. And I really doubted whether I would enjoy a romance that was written by a blonde girl with an orange slice in her mouth ( yes, we all do make the unfortunate profile choice every now and then). But I guess I was feeling adventurous, and I went ahead and read it anyway. I wasn't totally in love with the story, but I was elated with the fact that there were other "freaks" out there, like me. People who had entire worlds, characters and stories cooped up in their minds, and we were all here together to share our ideas, help each other grow, and I guess, feel cool? I've been off Figment for a really, really, REALLY long time, as one can glean from perusing my work. But reading your work, hearing about your achievements makes me so proud, almost as if a dear friend has achieved all that you have. It was honor to know read your work before you became a REAL Writer, and seeing how much you've grown since then prose-wise not only delights me, it also inspires me to get back to the drawing board.To wrap up this ode from a stranger, I wish you luck and may the winds guide your sails to the shores you deserve!


Athul Nair

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almost 3 years ago Haleigh Hudson said: speechless over this book