Dragons have feelings too!

Dragons have feelings too!

22 chapters / 17591 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


-Part of my twisted fairytale series-(Cover by Unraveled Words)
The typical story of a princess locked in a tower, gaurded by an evil dragon, whith a knight that comes to resue her.
Then... Maybe not so typical? The story is about the dragon. The dragon isn't evil, she under the curse as well and is only a dragon during the day. And when the knight comes to rescue the princess, the castle mysteriously crumbles...


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



over 4 years ago R.J.B. said:

Wow! That was so emotionally moving!! I loved it! I would love to see an epilogue, toying with the idea of possibly their kids having this power... Amazing!

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over 5 years ago Rush A.N. Beau said:

Is that it?! Is that the end?! :/ Oh well, I guess that's the thing about stories. They have to come to an end.....


over 5 years ago Brenna Hay said:

O.O Cliffhanger! Keep going please!


over 5 years ago Barbara C. Doyle said:




over 5 years ago Kaitlyn W. said:

Hello :) I have read up to chapter eight of this story, and I must say that this is a very amazing story so far. The idea is new and I like the characters so far. Though there are some typos in here that need to be fixed, and it feels like the story is being rushed. You can barely get an image for the surroundings in your story. All in all there needs to be more detail and you might want to slow it down a little. It's a good story, but with a little more work it can be great


over 5 years ago Katricia Remlap said:

Haha, I finally read the rest!!! :D Anyways, you didn't have any reviews, so I figured I'd fix that. :P You need a serious read through. I don't care if you do it, or if someone else does, just please fix it! I think you should make a sequel soon. Maybe about one of the other dragons or something. That would be cool. But that's just my opinion. :) Yay for finishing!!!!