The Apple

The Apple

1 chapter / 998 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Maya at first is hateful of her new classmate, whose father is a murderer, but she learns that Jamie is actually a good friend.
Maya Rue Character by: Kayleigh Fongers
California High: Aidan Blockley



about 5 years ago Cassidy Nolan said:

This is great, but why would her father do that? (Jamie's father I am talking about) I need to know.


over 5 years ago Barbara C. Doyle said:

I liked this a lot!


about 6 years ago Brianna W. said:

This is a wonderful piece. I really like the title too. It really fits the story well. Good luck, in the contest! Hope you check out my entry. Hearts are appreciated ;D


about 6 years ago Hannah Merrill said:

So good!!!!!! I loved the part about Maya realizing that the apple does fall far from the tree!!!! Hope you win!!!



over 6 years ago emk said:

hey gurl awesome story very inspiring hope you win