A Living Nightmare

A Living Nightmare

1 chapter / 677 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


"He was nothing but shadow. Eyeless, mouth-less. Nothing but a shadow of a man, and something much more terrible. The shadows were moving, in and out, screaming silent screams for help. They swirled, thickening and thinning. And yet the silhouette itself was still, as if nothing more than just a shadow. The first words I was able to think: a living nightmare." *Was for the Underground Contest*



about 4 years ago Marlene said:

I love the description, especially at the end when you are describing him and the shadows! Wonderfully eerie!


about 4 years ago Michael Gunter said:

My compliments on a nifty book cover.


about 4 years ago Linda Dionne said:

This is really creepy and well-written if a little confusing. I almost think that if we knew more, it would be more scary. But, really nice job, and great story!


about 4 years ago Therion said:

Nice cover.



about 4 years ago Michael Gunter said:

Eh. Well worded and good use of vocabulary, but too jerky to be impressive. It would be good as a part of a larger action or horror story, but as stated previously, it is too disjointed and un-informing to be a fun read alone. Add some slower, more informative paragraphs and it'll hit the spot. As Is, it feels like we went into the theater in the middle of the movie.