Chasing Kaitlin

Chasing Kaitlin

8 chapters / 22350 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


“Th—three years?! I—How could we have been dating since we were sophomores? I’d only be able to stand you for a week before I came to my senses! I'm sorry, but you're insane if you think this will work! Me, you, and love don't mix... at all."

Kaitlin and Nick never got along. They've hated each other since they were six years old. And even now at the age of eighteen and in their senior year, their hatred is greater than ever. Well, that is until Nick comes to Kaitlin with a problem that she was the only solution for.

Her job was easy and uncomplicated. She just needed to be his fake girlfriend for the holidays and spend time with his absolutely insane family. They set simple rules and boundaries for each other and created an all too believable façade as a young and deeply in love couple, who'd been dating since sophomore year.

No one expected the chaos and mayhem that became the result . . . no one at all.

Love sucks.
But fake love sucks even more . . . especially when it turns out real.


Writing, Comedy, Romance



almost 4 years ago Taiba Shoukat said:

keep on writing this..its awesome


almost 5 years ago Ariya Brown said:

Write more!!!


over 5 years ago Painfully~Ever~After said:

two words. WRITE MORE...i loved it


over 5 years ago Elzie Bleu said:

Absolutely hilarious!!



over 5 years ago Michelle-Alexandra Brown said:

Hi, I love this story. It made me laugh and I could picture everything that the characters in the story did and that just made it funnier. Please keep on writing this story. I can't wait to see what will happen next ;D