Love Me... Not

Love Me... Not

1 chapter / 237 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


*Short Story* Being placed in the shoes of a young girl's love... Mixed into complete hatred....



almost 6 years ago Beetle said:

I liked this, but in answer to the closing question, the answer is obviously no.


about 6 years ago E.R.Rose said:

I am sooo afraid of this happening to me *shiver* but I really like the way you let this unfold.I know that there are a lot of other poems like this,but just remember, this one's yours. :)



about 6 years ago ethereality said:

Wow. Yeah, I'm sure a lot of us can relate. Cruel boy, to laugh. Nice job pulling the reader into the heart of the MC.


about 6 years ago Zairah said:

this is sad. But I think it's great and I liked it! :)



about 6 years ago Hally Loo said:

Good expression on feelings. You got out the feelings well, yet you didnt seem like you were ranting or going off on someone. Great job!