Soul Eater

Soul Eater

1 chapter / 105 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Romance, Poetry



over 5 years ago Sophia Denney said:

That was incredible!! You have a great voice and I bet that would be a moving song.


about 6 years ago RandeeFellows(: said:

That is an amazing poem! My friend read in an interesting accent and it sounded even better! Keep up the writting, you are veryy talented!!


about 6 years ago H.G.G. said:

"Cheater, Cheater, Soul Eater" I especially liked that part! It's very powerful and has a bit of smart attitude, as well as hurt emotional feelings. I love it!


about 6 years ago Zaeem Umar said:

Nicee i love this part the most "Treating us as if we were a string of broken pearls Shiny but broken Just another token Cheater, cheater" This is a beautiful piece :) :D


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