Best Friend or Boyfriend

Best Friend or Boyfriend

38 chapters / 40072 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


**COMPLETE** Lucas and Charity have been friends since they met in the 1st grade. They have always been by each other's side through the bad and good in their lives. But after middle school graduation, Lucas slowly starts to drifts away from Charity to protect their friendship from his love for her. But when she goes into danger, he has a choose to either stay away from her or to save her.


Drama, Romance, Novel


Rika nocturne

almost 4 years ago scarlet_nocturne said:

This story gives a whole new meaning to "third person omniscient". It's like the narrator is a character too, only she's all-knowing and has something to eagerly tell us.

Am I reading the story right?


almost 4 years ago Charlotte Halloway said:



almost 4 years ago Jo said:

Wow. That was really good. I liked the concept, but I think you could be a little bit more descriptive.

I also think that if you want to make this better you would separate the POVs into different, longer chapters.

I saw a few spots where commas should be placed... But other than those few critiques it was really good. I can see it being a movie XD

Also, I liked the ending. It was wonderful. :D

Congrats on homepage, you deserved it! (1.30.14)


almost 4 years ago Elisabeth Anne Smith said:

You are a good writer. No style improvements needed. You may become a great writer someday. Can you take a look at my writing? Jennifer



over 5 years ago a J said:

you had some spelling errors witch somtimes had me guessing what you ment but besides that it was amazing i love how in the beggining it was so easy to realate to and then the end had a shocking twist and how you put an amazing after tale when he proposses over all it was a really good book and i hope that you make a second :)