39 Reasons Why

39 Reasons Why

3 chapters / 5847 words

Approximately 29 minutes to read


"Just because you live here now, doesn't mean I have to like you."

Danielle Fletcher is an overzealous, overconfident, headstrong girl with a fearless personality and an attitude to boot. A very dangerous combination of traits, one might say.

Living in a male dominated household with her five brothers and her parents, Dani had always learned to live up to their high standards and bear with their awful over-protectiveness. Translation: she had ZERO social life, ZERO freedom, and was permitted ZERO contact with the opposite sex. Period. But no one said she actually listened to them.

Her life seems it'll never change. She'd end up living in her brothers' shadows for the rest of eternity, and when she got older, she'd be alone with her twelve cats and a ferret named Ron. But when Logan McCallistar—the son of a close family friend—comes to stay with the Fletcher family, Dani's world gets turned upside down and inside out. Literally.

There are so many reasons that her feelings for him are the way they are—thirty-nine to be exact. But whether they're negative or positive . . . well, you can be the judge.

Let's just hope she can finish the list without killing him first . . .


Writing, Comedy, Romance


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Amazing! Plz upload more soon.. Logan is the guy that's coming to live with her, right? Your so talented at writing! x


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Wow! Awesome! Keep writing this! Please check out my book, Rewind. You may like it.

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I love this!!! Please keep going!! im really excited!


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I love the idea of this. Also, I love your cover. You are on the right track. When will you continue?