Out of Place

Out of Place

1 chapter / 54 words

Approximately less than 20 seconds to read


I see this tile every day. Nobody else does.


Writing, Poetry



almost 7 years ago Ryan Curtis, Leaving Figment said:

First off, this piece of poetry has a powerful and deep message that I enjoyed reading about. I also have utmost respect for people who can do this with their writing 'cos frankly, I can't!


almost 7 years ago Alex Sharms said:

Love the length because it emphasizes your point. very well written. GREAT JOB!!! :D


almost 7 years ago Talimark said:

I like the meaning of this poem, and I also agree with the other comments...good job


almost 7 years ago Russell Bates said:

I like it a lot. I've always been a fan of using a very crystallized specific to convey a larger point, and I think this does that exceptionally. +1


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