...go away, come again some other day...

...go away, come again some other day...

1 chapter / 889 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Rain is on the horizon. It must not come. It starts with an obvious hint that eventually leads to a dastardly hunt. And in the end- rain will fall.



almost 6 years ago Sarah G.A. said:

I understand the title!! I just was surprised I did but I do!


about 6 years ago Jay Bird said:

I love they way you set this up! Add more I wanna know how the wedding goes!!!! :)

Sam_0063 square

over 6 years ago B. D. Legan said:

Very unique magic item! :D I liked it, a lot. Your characters were quite loveable. The old hairdresser made me smile--she reminded me of my grandmother.

I noticed a tiny error: ' I have notified the coulds of it's presence and it will not rain today. ' Actually, there are two things in this sentence--"coulds" obviously should be "clouds". Also, "it's" should be "its", as it is a 'thing's' possesion.

As some of your other readers suggested--maybe change the title. I really didn't think it made much sense. But that was me. :)

Best of luck! -BD


over 6 years ago krystelle faulkener said:

I like the way you portrayed her, and you managed to make her sound extremely excited. The ending was so unexpected :c

Good luck with the contest~! :)


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