We Are...

We Are...

2 chapters / 781 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Kara and two other members of her group are the only Half dragon half human's left. they keep themselves as far away from humans as passible, but happens when humans find their home?



over 5 years ago Emillia Gryphon said:

AAAHHH!! "We are a family surviving together yay! Safe cave, fire burning..AAHH!" So sad! Please continue, damn your ability to make readers fall in love with characters in an instant! Very well written! Double check over your capitilizations of words I think there was one sentence in there that didn't start with a capitol. Other than that this story was great, flawless! Up date soon!!


almost 6 years ago Carolina Garza said:

I think you should really elaborate on this. It's really good and reminds me of Maximum Ride. I would absolutely love to read more. Good job!

Beautiful gairy yorkshire

almost 6 years ago Brigid Griffin said:

Is that the end?! Please don't let it be the end! That was soo sad I want to hear more! PLEASE!!!!


almost 6 years ago Claire S. said:

This is a fantastic and original idea. I love gargoyles, and I like the idea that gargoyles are half-human and half-dragon. The story could have used a lot more editing, though--there were multiple grammar mistakes and typos. Keep working on it, and good luck in the contest!


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