We Are...

We Are...

2 chapters / 781 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Kara and two other members of her group are the only Half dragon half human's left. they keep themselves as far away from humans as passible, but happens when humans find their home?


Hobby lobby 8

about 6 years ago Elliot Michael said:

soo great I love fantasy and you are a gifted writer!


about 6 years ago T.S. Ward said:



about 6 years ago Salina Alicia said:

I liked it I was going to tell you to use more details but then I saw is was for the mags contest and was like never mind haha. Great job you did wonderfully on filling in all the information. It was an interesting idea with the gargoyles not something I really see around. I liked it good luck in the contest :)


over 6 years ago Saterlais Pendragon said:

Reminds me a lot of Maximum Ride, are you planing on adding more? I hope so, I can see great potential for this and many ways you can add on. :) Sincerly, Saterlais Pendragon


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