The Girl's Basketball Coach Handbook

The Girl's Basketball Coach Handbook

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This is my entry for the SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE Contest...Hearts are greatly appreciated!!!I hope you enjoy was kind of a challenge to think of something because you can write about anything..But here goes nothing. This is something that every girl's basketball coach needs to read know..well just about anyone who coaches a girls sport.Don't BLOW it...


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about 5 years ago Lizzie A. said:

Wow! I love your story:D Will you please read my story? obviously, you can tell me how to make it better!


almost 6 years ago Noelle Lambert said:

very nice. I haven't read an entry that was a letter. it was different and good.

Inspirational quotes pt. 7

over 6 years ago Mrs. Kylie Weasley said:

what do u mean??


over 6 years ago julliah randolph said:

so girls, are social creatures who cry easily and take forever to get changed?


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